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Pax control room
Control room of Pax Reactor
I have developed Pax Reactor in the late 1980s. As the intro says:

"This reactor simulation program models a nuclear power station of 1375 MW thermal power (440 MW electrical) including the core and primary and secondary loops. The type of the reactor is PWR [pressurised water reactor], which means that the same water is used to moderate [to slow down neutrons to be able to split other uranium atoms] and to transport the produced heat. The fuel is U-235 isotope, the total amount at the beginning of the 300 day fuel cycle is 40 tons. The temperature of the water entering the core is 267 deg.C and at the top of the core it increases to 295 deg.C. At 100% power the neutron flux is about 2x10^13 n/cm^2 s, ... the burn up of the fuel is 28000 MWday/ton ..."

Primary loop
Primary loop of Pax Reactor
And there was this disclaimer:

"Although it is possible to find a reactor with similar parameters, this program is for educational purposes only, and it is not intended to simulate a real power station here. Any similarity to an existing power plant is purely coincidental." hmmm...

Look at these links to learn more:

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  • Download the code (ask me for a password)

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