E. I. award This is what Education Index says about the catalog: "Princeton University has compiled a searchable (or browsable) database of over 100 galaxies. A fascinating site with lots of great information."
Hotspots New Scientist lists the catalog as a hot spot on the web. According to the review the only problem with this site is that "There's nothing about chocolate though".
StudyWeb award Look at the review at Study WEB: "Visual Content: 1, Approx. Grade Level: 12+". Still, they said the Galaxy Catalog is "one of the best educational resources on the Web".
Top 5 This is what the guys at Suite 101 Emailed me: "Your site, which has been chosen by Wesley Colley, contributing editor for Astronomy, as one of the 'Best of the Internet', deserves particular recognition." Wes...
Bonus People at Bonus made an effort to understand what they are talking about: "Zsolt Frei has thought up a new way to send mail - with a stamp of a galaxy!", and also: "clickable postage stamp layout or search for galaxies by their code address"...
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