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Robot prototype I designed a small platform of LEGO Technic parts with four independently steerable and drivable wheels to mimic the Sojourner rover (Mars, 1997) and adopted the Handy Board to control the vehicle. Sonar rangers, electromagnetic compasses, and IR devices will help the untethered mobile robot to navigate. At this time the only info available on-line is the picture of the prototype on the right. More will come later...

Other LEGO Technic creations:
This RC (remote/radio controlled) car is constructed of standard LEGO Technic parts. It has front and rear suspensions, proportional steering, four 9V motors and an "electronic" differential. Two motors drive the right (rear) wheel and the other two motors drive the left wheel. The HandyBoard acts as an electronic speed controller: it decodes the signal from the RC receiver (measures the width of the pulse intended for positioning a servo) and outputs the required power to the four motors.

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