The Galaxy Catalog
This Galaxy Catalog is a collection of digital images of 113 nearby galaxies. Images taken in several passbands and a color-composite image are included for each galaxy. Title picture
Images of 31 galaxies were taken with the 1.5 meter telescope of the Palomar Observatory in 1991; images of the other 82 galaxies were taken with the 1.1 meter telescope of the Lowell Observatory in 1989. At Palomar we used a camera with an 800x800 TI CCD, at Lowell the camera had an RCA 512x320 CCD. Palomar images are available in three passbands of the Thuan-Gunn system: g, r, and i. Lowell images are in two passbands (J and R) of the filter system developed by Gullixon et al.

The first link below is to a detailed guide to the catalog. Please read this guide! You will learn about the graphics file formats we used, about freely available viewing software for many platforms, and about adjusting your monitor for optimal performance. A detailed description of the observations and subsequent image processing steps is also included. Another section describes the algorithm we used to create the color-composite images.

The second link is to a scientific paper that reports about this catalog. This paper appeared in the Astronomical Journal in January, 1996. HTML, PDF, and PostScript versions are available here. The third link is to a collection of small, thumbnail-size preview images of all 113 galaxies in the catalog. The last link is to a text-only list of the New Galaxy Catalog (NGC) numbers of all the galaxies. You can use the thumbnail-size images or the NGC numbers to select any of the galaxies you want to view.

poster Click the small image on the right to get the large poster showing 112 of the galaxies from the catalog.

The Catalog
You can click on these icons or titles to get to the pages described in the Introduction above. Please take a look at the User Guide first, as it will help you get the most out of the images.
User Guide AJ Paper Images NGC Index
User Guide AJ Paper Images NGC Index
You will get additional information about the catalog and related topics following these links.
. Princeton University Press will soon publish the Galaxy Catalog on a CD-ROM. The CD-ROM may be useful for teaching or scientific purposes.
. Zsolt Frei's home page has links to several papers that may be of interest to users of this catalog, such as the papers about foreground star removal and galaxy classification.
. Learn more about research done by the Astrophysics group within the Institue of Physics at Eötvös University, Budapest. Also, look at the pages of the Department of Astrophysical Sciences, Princeton University, where this catalog was originally developed. The Sloan Digital Sky Survey will take digital images of 100 million galaxies.
. From the US, the mirror site at Princeton University may be faster.
. List of awards these pages received.
It is our pleasure to acknowledge the many people who participated in camera design, observations, and data reduction. We could not have constructed this catalog without their help. Among many others, we are greatly indebted to Arif Babul, Renyue Cen, Charles Gammie, Bin Gao, Jay Gallagher, Puragra Guhathakurta, Craig Gullixson, Neal Hartsough, Lynne Hillenbrand, Neil Katz, Jill Knapp, Man Hoi Lee, Robert Lee, Joanna Lees, Kevin Long, Shude Mao, Jordi Miralda-Escude, Changbom Park, Peter Teuben, Anthony Tyson, Duncan Walsh, David Weinberg, and Rick Wenk. Please see section 1 of the User Guide for a more detailed account of who did what. This catalog is based on observations done at the Palomar Observatory, which is owned and operated by the California Institute of Technology, and at the Lowell Observatory.

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