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Robotics experiments
I designed a small platform with four independently steerable and drivable wheels to mimic the Sojourner rover (Mars, 1997) and adopted the Handy Board to control the vehicle. Sonar rangers, electromagnetic compasses, and IR devices will help the untethered mobile robot to navigate.
Old software
I have written four educational programs during my undergraduate studies. Here is a set of screen shots from the programs: an image processing package, a cellular automata, a nuclear reactor simulator and something called Daisyworld, a program which simulates global warming.
A few years back I got fascinated by three-dimensional box kites and two-line stunter kites. I had fun building them, each taking less than a day to complete. I have some photos on this page.
I created maps using Xearth to indicate places I visited around the globe. I have my own xearth_markers.list with the coordinates of the cities that I got from the National Imagery and Mapping Agency and from the USGS Mapping Information.
I have taken many slides since the early '80s. I created a table mostly for my own reference to keep track of the boxes of slides, listing the dates, places, and subjects. I started to scan some of the pictures and linked the digitized photos to this table. I plan to have more Kodak PhotoCDs made in the future.

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